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I’m thrilled that you have found my site because I love sharing my creations. I hope you will find something here that you just have to have; whether for a special occasion, a gift or just to add to your unique jewelry wardrobe.



My design inspiration comes from my obsession with Mid-century Modern colors, shapes and simple elegance (in architecture and fashion). Additionally, I have a fascination with upcycling found vintage items to give them an urban edge. So, my collections are collectively called URBAN MOD Jewelry Designs. It’s all about marrying the old with the new.


Urban Upcycled Vintage Spoon

Why buy URBAN MOD JEWELRY? You will be the ONLY person wearing your exact piece (with a few exceptions) because it will be truly one of a kind.  You will be wearing an original art piece, but you won’t be paying gallery prices because I keep my pieces very affordable.  I also guarantee my work.



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